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No Adult Classes are scheduled at this time due to the

fact that our instructor is unavailable. Connor has

been invited to teach a residency in Boise, Idaho,

but will return to Bozeman in March.

If you haven't already done so, please subscribe

to our emails on the Home Page to receive 

notifications of future classes.  

About the Instructor:

Connor Berkompas is an actor, director, and teaching artist with a BFA from the Boston Conservatory. He has performed in numerous stage productions, both locally and back east,

and has directed many shows including The Maids, Mommy's Dead and They Buried Her in Moscow, Strange Mating Calls, and The Chalk Garden. Connor is also the founding artistic director of Nervous Theatre, a nomadic theatre company.


For more information about any of our classes, please contact the TATE Academy office at 406-585-6918, or email us at:

Scholarship information is available upon request.

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